New El Degas Show and Tell

Talk about and show off your El Degas instruments here.
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New El Degas Show and Tell

Post by fuzzy »

Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted here but as you all know, life gets busy. Hope all is well with everyone.

So, since I've last been around I've added a few EDs to my collection. I've posted two on here before, but because of some OCD I'll be including those here. I have trouble with embedded pictures, so I will share my Google Albums with link. Please let me know if you have issues viewing, and I'll try not to take six months to get back to read my messages. Bold ones I've shared before.

In Order of acquired:

# 1. Stratocaster MIJ

I just picked this puppy up; Kijiji hawks who have a Canada wide search for El Degas may have recently seen it on there. While I don't have many hours on this one yet, I do quite like it. I believe it is a 75-ish model year, as it has an inlay logo and a three way pickup switch a la Gibson style. This thing has great tone and sound, and plays like butter. I love the natural finish and how smooth the neck is. Guitar is in fantastic shape for its age, and has been taken care of. I will do the same. I think this one will be in my regular rotation now, and hopefully I can give it a better review at a later date.

# 2. Studio MIJ

This is my beat and banged up Ibanez (?I think) copy. I'm not sure exactly, but I think it is Ibanez Studio copy. This thing has quite a story to tell and I don't know half of it. It is beat up, banged up, random stickers, Mightymite pickups and a grungy neck, but hell, it is probably the best playing El Degas I own. Don't even like putting strings on it, just seems wrong. It sounds amazing, probably my best sounding guitar, and plays wonderfully. Great action, smooth as glass neck, just awesome overall. Inlay logo. Got lots of neck hours on this one. This is my social guitar; bring it when playing with friends, etc. Getting this guitar was a helluva interesting ride. Found it while in Toronto for work, bought it in the middle of street in downtown TO, at first sight, without a case or a test play. Then had to wait a few months for a family member to drive it home for me as there was no way in hell I was bringing it on a plane with me. Well worth the wait.

# 3. Les Paul Standard MIJ

Bought this last fall in my hometown. Again, Kijiji folk may have seen this one. It is in fine shape, and plays great. Body has very minimal damage, straight neck and low action. Inlay logo. But that is where the good stops. It has a worn out nut that gives me some string bind and tuning issues. I need to bring it in to fix it, and hopefully can do that soon. It also sounds terrible. Worst sounding one of the bunch. Sounds cheap. No soul or tone at all. Not sure what it has for pickups but need to get them the hell outta there and get some brighter pickups installed. On the todo list as well. Gets expensive to maintain a collection of guitars that are closer to the senior discount age then not. But I manage. Slow and steady.

# 4. Les Paul Studio MIJ

Again, I don't know the proper title for this. It reminds me of a Les Paul studio - slim body, light neck, but I'm not sure of it's true title. This guitar was a rare find: basement find. My wife found it during a garage sale a few years ago. The elderly lady who sold it to her said it was her deceased husbands - he died and she kept it stored in case for over a decade. Wife bought it and kept it hidden from me for a few months and gave it to me on Xmas that year - best present ever. It is my favorite guitar. It plays better then any other guitar I've tried - light as air action, smooth neck, great sound and tone and best of all, its light on the shoulders. It is in near new shape - no major dings or scratches and the natural finish is beautiful. Will never part with this one. Only odd thing is it has a hand engraved serial number on the neck plate - maybe a store or school serial? I don't know.

# 5. SG MIK

Only MIK on the list, and my first El Degas. Bought this sucker from a travelling music teacher who didn't need it anymore. It is a fun instrument and plays very well but it is the least played in my collection. It does sound duller then most, and has an average action, and quite frankly, I enjoy the others more. But I think it is a nice piece of history, plywood body and all. It is unique as well as my only set neck ED, as well as my only MIK.

And that is it for now. I have one acoustic Martin copy ED that is a work in progress - will post on that later. Sorry for the less then pro photos, my house is dusty renovation nightmare right now and it is the best I can do!

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Re: New El Degas Show and Tell

Post by charles »

Thanks for sharing! Great collection. I love show & tell time :D

# 2 is believed to be a copy of a Greco design, I think.
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Re: New El Degas Show and Tell

Post by Barry »

charles wrote: Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:19 pm ...# 2 is believed to be a copy of a Greco design, I think.
Yup. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1908
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