El Dégas Solid Body Electric Info Needed

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El Dégas Solid Body Electric Info Needed

Post by VansDomino »

Hi! Thanks in advance for any and all help! I recently got this guitar but cannot seem to find any information about it. I am curious to know an approximate manufacture date and an if possible a value, as I will be looking to sell or trade it and don't want to over price it and rip someone off, or under price it and look the fool..
I will update with a better picture as soon as I find my cameras battery charger.
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Re: El Dégas Solid Body Electric Info Needed

Post by charles »

That's a copy of a Rickenbacker 325.

I am unsure whether that's a Japanese made guitar or a later Korean made one (there may be a small decal on the back of the guitar body or headstock that says where it was made). It is generally believed that the Japanese models were manufactured in the 70's, and the Korean ones in the 80's/90's.

Pricing is nearly impossible to pin down for many reasons:
  • You do not come across this model very often.
  • The guitar is anywhere around 30-50 years old, and the instrument's condition is unknown.
  • It's hard to say what your local market will bear in regards to price.
All I can suggest in terms of pricing is don't be foolish as to think you will get the same price as an original instrument (i.e. do not slap a price on it that's the same as an original Ric 325 from that era). I see a lot of listings lately where people are asking for as much as, or more than, an original instrument from the proper manufacturer! (for a shining example see the new listing on Kijiji today for an ED Gibson Marauder copy that's priced higher than about 4-5 original Gibson Marauders on eBay :roll: ).
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