Price it? GL-32

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Price it? GL-32

Post by navarrodaniel94 »

So my uncle gave me this guitar.
He said he had bought it a long time a go and put it in his his storage locker ever since.
He decided to clean up his storage locker and found the guitar. He gave me this guitar but I can't really find anything about it.
What do you guys think? What price would you give it?
It sounds great and its in pretty good condition. It has sticker on the back saying its made in Japan.
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Re: Price it? GL-32

Post by charles »

The GL- models are copies of Guild acoustics.

Placing a value on these can be tough because it can be very subjective on these old copies. It's tough to gauge whether buyers are looking for a Guild copy vs. the more ubiquitous Gibson & Martin copies.

Personally, if it were me selling it I would price this one somewhere in the 200-500 range depending on condition, and take offers; expecting a sale price likely in the 200-350 range. Your mileage may vary!!
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