MIJ Tele Thinline copy (US)

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MIJ Tele Thinline copy (US)

Post by charles »

Spotted on eBay

MIJ Tele Thinline copy with 2x single coils

Very pricey, at $599 USD (plus, if you are in Canada as I am, the shipping comes in at a whopping $125 USD!)

http://www.ebay.ca/itm/circa-1969-El-De ... 1743389510
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Re: MIJ Tele Thinline copy (US)

Post by Barry »

Nice guitar, but when you look at the currency conversion you're now into the upper $800's!!
And there may also be "import charges" on top of that too. :x
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Re: MIJ Tele Thinline copy (US)

Post by ItchyFingers »

I just love the character in that wood and the vintage bridge.
I'd say it's worth every single penny if you're into thinlines.
I Love the finish too.
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