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el degas cl 140

Post by michael »

I have a CL 140 El Degas 33 inch acoustic classical guitar in pristine condition. It is made in Romania. Distributed by B and J.
I was wondering a few things.
1) The date it was made.
2)Approximate value.
3)What materials are these guitars made of ?
4) Are these smaller guitars made for children or youth ? The sound is very good !

Thanks Mike
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Re: el degas cl 140

Post by charles »

Not much info survives for the classical models.

1) Models made in Romania / Guatemala / Korea are believed to be 1980s or later.

2) Your mileage may vary. I've seen these late models listed for anything between a giveaway to about $150-200. I'd personally place the value in the $50-150 range but bear in mind there is a very limited market for the classical models.

3) I cannot be sure whether the model you have is made from solid or laminate(ply) woods. Like a spruce top but also likely to be ply.

4) I've seen 3/4 scale models for youth so this may be the case for yours, if it is smaller in size compared to a standard guitar.
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