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WTB Telecaster

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Hi All,

I suddenly find that I do not have enough El Degas guitars! (only 4)

I have been watching for Teles to come up for sale, but nothing yet, so I thought I may put a note on here in case one of you is thinking of selling.

I would prefer not to have a Thinline, no good reason, just a preference, but I would look at any tele.

I have a Strat and a Les Paul, so I am not really looking for either of those, but I would definitely look at any other El Degas models, especially if you live somewhere around Vancouver so I can actually look at it in person. (I'm weak, so I would probably look at Strats and Pauls too!)

I have a Korean made Gibson Hummingbird El Degas that I would let go if someone feels the need.

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