A note about spam and banning

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A note about spam and banning

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My goal for this website is and has always been to provide a place for El Degas owners and enthusiasts to have an open and safe forum to discuss these instruments.

Forums such as this one go through fits & starts of being bombarded by inappropriate content or other spam from both human and non-human (bot) sources. I wanted to spell out the offenses that can get your account name or your IP address banned from the forum.

- Posting inappropriate/explicit comments or images
- Spamming the forum
- Spamming users via PM
- Multiple account creation for purpose of spam
- Website links in posts & user signatures that are not music related and are posted for the sole purpose of spam and/or advertisement of a product, service, or website

As you can see, it is mainly spamming offenses that will result in a ban. I will ban for any of the offenses listed above (list may change at any time) without prior warning or notice. However, should you feel a user ban has been enacted in error, you may email me to discuss the ban.

Occasionally, spam activity ramps up significantly. I try to take steps to reduce spammer's access to the site including adjusting settings in regards to user registration and spambot countermeasures. Some of these tactics help, and some do not. Unfortunately spammers can sometimes get through and cause havoc - in which case I tend to come in like a carpet bomber and ban a whole lot of IP's. I have yet to have someone caught in the crossfire of these IP bans, but if a situation occurs where you find your IP banned from the forum due to spam activity from someone else on your IP, please email me and I will do my best to address the problem.
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